The Tao of Dating: The Thinking Man's Enlightened Guide to Success With Women

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"The Secrets You Need to Know to Be More Successful With Women That Your Parents and Teachers Never Bothered to Teach You"
I’ll show you the proven, practical methods of exactly how to find, meet, attract and date the quality women you truly deserve to have in your life — and feel great about doing it

Hey man. Thanks for visiting. I'm Ali Binazir MD, your friendly neighborhood author trying my darndest to help you become the happiest, healthiest, most kickass version of yourself. And however bad you've had it with your love life, believe me -- I had it worse. Let me start with the story of how this book came into being.

I remember it was one night at dinner a few years ago, when I was a pre-med advisor at Harvard, having dinner with some students, when the idea hit me like a ton of bricks. Over dinner, the students would often ask me questions about how to handle this part of their life or another. And the most frequent topic of conversation that came up was -- dating.

Among a group of college guys, that was no surprise. What was surprising was how little dating was going on. These guys were young, decent-looking, smart, fun to be around -- kind of like yourself. And yet, their dating lives left something to be desired.

Some of these guys spent months, even years going without a date or romantic prospect in sight. Even when they got the date, they didn't know how to make it progress to the next level. And they were surrounded by young, single, beautiful, intelligent women who went to class with them every day, ate meals with them every day, lived literally right next door to them. Moreover, these women wanted to go out with these guys.

So why wasn't anything happening?

The truth of the matter was simple. While these men had extensive training in how to do well at school, they hadn't had any training in how to deal with women.

For a second, I didn't understand. But then I suddenly realized: once upon a day,

I had been surrounded by amazing women and given abundant opportunities to connect with them. But I didn't know what to do. And I was left mostly unfulfilled in my dating life for most of college, and for several years after that. Any kind of romantic experience I had with women came as a result of accident, not design.

At one point, I decided that I was not going to put up with this any more. There had to be a better way. And I was determined to find it.

So I started reading books. I listened to tapes and attended seminars. I spent time with guys who were really good with women. I read more books. I tested out hundreds of different ideas and methods, until I finally figured out a little bit about how this dating thing worked.

And then, I started to have a lot more choice in my dealings with women. I could now decide whom I wanted to date. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had a decent shot with any woman that I met. And, strangely enough, women started pursuing me.

Nowadays, it's not unusual for me to go out and come back with five phone numbers of attractive women in a single night. If there's a woman that I find appealing, I approach her, speak to her and get her contact information.

But it wasn't always this way. If you'd asked me if that was possible a few years ago, I would have said, "No way!"

What I found about my newfound success surprised me. I found that what actually works in the dating arena is often counterintuitive. Subtle. Paradoxical. At first you think, "This really shouldn't work -- it makes no sense."

But then you try it and, lo and behold, it works. It reminded me of the wisdom of the ancient Eastern philosophers, who said things like, "Before you can take something, you must allow for it to be given."

Some of the methods didn't sit well with me. They were too manipulative, or too insincere, or just impractical. I felt that even when those ideas were sound, they didn't help me much in the end. Other ideas meshed with my personality and beliefs, improving my dating life dramatically.

And that night that I was having dinner with those guys, I realized that they must be going through the same pain I was a few years ago.

And it didn't have to be like that. It was hard for me, but it didn't have to be difficult for them.

So I put together an underground seminar. Fifteen of these guys got together in a dorm room on two fine April afternoons. And I gave them a system made from the best of what I had learned up to that point on meeting and dating women.

Not just information -- TRANSFORMATION

And then something funny happened. They started getting results overnight. LITERALLY THE NEXT DAY. These were the same guys, but just a few ideas, a couple of mental shifts here and there, and things suddenly changed for them dramatically.

The Tao of Dating™ is an outgrowth of that seminar. Because I realized that there are educated, decent-looking, affluent, fun guys everywhere who aren't having the kind of dating success they truly deserve.

From my studies of business success and human achievement as a Fortune 100 consultant and hypnotherapist, I realized that success isn't an accident. Success is a habit. And to have the habit, you must have a system.

For dating success, you must have a SYSTEM

So I put together . It starts with you -- who you are and what you want. And then it takes you in a step-by-step fashion through everything you have to do to find, meet, attract and date desirable women. It even tells you ways to keep a relationship going once you have one.

I give you the exact techniques and how to use them for each step. Each technique has been tested hundreds of times by my students, my friends and myself. Nothing is speculative and theoretical here -- it's all hands-on and practical. Every technique has its basis in science or tested-and-true ancient wisdom. And it's that much more effective because it works within your own integrity.

Tools that work for all dating goals

Maybe you want to date as many women as possible. Maybe you want to find one special woman and settle down. Whatever your goal is, The Tao of Dating™ gives you the tools for achieving it -- and to feel great about doing it, because at every step of the way, you're acting with integrity.

That's why I'm calling the book "The Tao of Dating." The Tao is Chinese for "the way" -- the way the world works. And I've worked long and hard to bring you in this book the principles of how to be successful with women.

No cheesy pickup lines here that will be outdated in a year or two.

No advice here on hip clothing or hairstyles that will be unhip in a week.

This is about the way things have been working for THOUSANDS of years between men and women, and will keep on working for thousands more. Timeless principles.

In fact, I believe in the power of the material in this book so much that I'm willing to stake my three degrees from Harvard, Cambridge and the University of California on it (one A.B., one M.Phil., and one M.D., for those who are keeping track). And my clinical hypnotherapy certification.

But most of all, I back it up with my own experience. I had to learn this stuff the hard way -- so you wouldn't have to. The stuff simply works -- if you take the steps to put it to use. That's why I've decided to make The Tao of Dating available as an e-book so you can download it immediately and read it from the privacy of your own computer. Or you can print it out and read it on paper.

Here Are Some of the Secrets to Having Massive Dating Success That You Will Find Inside My Informative eBook

Think beyond the bar and the club. The nine top-secret goldmines for meeting quality women. You'll be way ahead of the pack of average guys who haven't even dreamed of these spots yet. You absolutely don't want to miss this list, especially the last four -- p. 41

Scientists have finally gotten a handle on which neurotransmitters cause attraction between males and females. I've paired that information with what to do to evoke those neurotransmitters to give you the ultimate blueprint for a successful date. You will not find this information anywhere else. -- p. 62

Wouldn't it be great not to have to worry about rejection ever again? There's simply no reason why it should get in the way of your success anymore, starting right now. Three methods for making you rejection-proof. -- p. 48

Stop spinning your wheels and wasting your precious time and money at the wrong venues! Apply the "Three C's" to know exactly where to go to get the most out of your excursions -- p. 42

Romance -- every woman wants it. Nobody seems to know what it is. My three-part formula for romance. Another Tao of Dating™ exclusive -- p. 73

Why did you lose her? Five attraction-reducing behaviors that you may have unconsciously engaged in that you're going to get rid of forever right now. You'll wonder how you ever lived without this knowledge -- p. 55

The number one mistake that guys let themselves make that cuts a relationship short, and two scientifically proven methods for never letting that happen -- p. 94

The reasons why sex is so important in a relationship (it's all in the brain) and how to set things up to maximize joy and minimize regret in this area of your dating life -- p. 86

The main factor that decides whether or not you progress to sexual activity. It's not what you think, and it is absolutely essential. Twelve tried, tested and true suggestions for getting this part right. Guys, you absolutely want to get this part down cold -- p. 83

A new paradigm of thought that will change your idea of success forever. This is the blueprint that some of the most successful people in history have used, and now it's yours -- p. 23

One simple exercise you can do to transform your voice into a magnet of attraction. Women will actually stop you to compliment you on your voice. They will even call you just to listen to you talk! Could hardly believe it myself -- p. 12

I've met thousands of women in hundreds of venues in dozens of cities. Here are 11 types of desirable women and where you can find them . You won't find this information anywhere else -- p. 40

That magical, absolutely essential thing known as rapport. How it works and the three insider's secrets for creating and sustaining it. One life skill you simply do not want to be without for another day! This part alone is worth the price of admission -- p. 65

I couldn't resist sharing these borderline sneaky romantic accelerators with you because they're just so damn good. Advanced stuff, so use with caution -- you may get more than you bargained for -- p. 79

Sample lines and sample scenarios for setting up the frame for the interaction just right so that you're in the driver's seat from the very beginning -- p. 55

The famous exercise that will forever change the way you look at the world. Discover how to make your world richer (and full of desirable women) by controlling your attention -- p. 39

The best method I have ever encountered to systematically get rid of all the weak, wimpy, counterproductive thoughts and behaviors that have been running your life up to this point. It's not what you think, and it's incredibly easy to use. It worked for me, and it worked fast. Changes any behavior in about a week -- p. 55

When and how to kiss a girl -- the three steps you have to take to know that you're in the smooching zone. Who said ancient wisdom wasn't useful -- p. 82

The six attitudes to make you empowered, rejection-proof and irresistibly attractive -- p. 32

The principles behind having attractive body language. Women are hard-wired to respond to these cues unconsciously, so know them -- p. 13

Men have asked for ages, "What Do Women Want?" Unlike the gibberish you read in women's magazines, here's a straightforward answer that's actually useful for you -- p. 72

To progress to the next phase of the date, you've got to be able to read her green lights. If you don't know what they are, you'll miss the obvious ones most of the time and the subtle ones almost always. You don't want to miss them and ruin your chances (maybe forever) -- p. 77

The 'four horsemen' -- how to spot them in a relationship and to run away as far and fast as possible from a woman who's giving any of that to you. This should be mandatory reading for every guy in a relationship -- p. 95

A set of nine empowering beliefs to make the whole universe your personal wingman. My students claim that this information alone has changed their lives-- p. 25

Never have a lull in a conversation again. Three verbal games you can play anywhere, anytime to make your conversation irresistibly compelling -- p. 61

How to meet any woman anywhere without any social anxiety whatsoever. The infamous two-hit technique which never fails -- p. 48

So now that you have a powerful new way of looking at the world, here are three surefire methods to make sure these your new attitudes stay with you permanently -- p. 30

Boys are so last millennium -- women want men. The three criteria to clear up once and for all whether you've left the boy behind and embraced true manhood -- p. 35

The three-step process for finding desirable women. So simple, yet so overlooked... Follow this formula and you can't go wrong -- p. 39

The one concept that will take you out of the dating rat-race and catapult you into a league of your own -- p. 15

E-mail vs phone numbers -- the pros and cons of each, and why I definitely recommend one over the other -- p. 67

Exactly when to call or write a woman after you've met her. I've gotten this wrong so many times, but you don't have to. The recommendations may surprise you -- p. 68

How to strategically change your speech pattern to convey power and make everyone sit up and pay attention. Gives whatever you say almost hypnotic power -- p. 13

How setting a powerful positive inention (PPI) makes you orders of magnitude more effective in your dealings with women -- p. 45

Tired of having your phone calls and emails go into the black hole of non-responsiveness? Here's how to take out some ironclad flake insurance so you can stop wasting your time -- p. 69

Understanding at a deep level where neediness comes from and how you can eradicate it forever. You'll never leave that dreaded "Swingers" phone message again -- p. 46

Tired of being shoved around in your relationships? How to set up the interaction with a woman such that it naturally tilts the relationship in your favor from the very first word -- p. 52

In order to attract women, you have to move them. And to move them, you have to be compelling. Here are five methods for doing that -- p. 58

In order to know the right thing to do, you've got to know where you are in the date. A very practical look at the four phases of romance. Simple to see, easy to use -- p. 74

Even if you can't pull off any of the five recommended ways of being compelling, you simply can't fail at this one. Anyone can do it, and it works better than the other five -- p. 61

Should you call? Should you write? Should you ask her out? Should you ask her mom out? Remove that uncertainty for good with this foolproof internal guide for your actions that will always give you the right answer. It's so good, I kick myself every time I forget to use it -- p. 62

That whole 'passion' thing -- the two-step method for creating it such that women will follow you to the ends of the earth for more -- p. 64

The importance of integrity and how it can absolutely supercharge your success with women. The high road to get you where you want to get faster -- p. 65

What's the best time to get contact information from a woman? What's the best way to do it? The absolute best practices brought to you from years of experience and thousands of 'research trials'. Sneaky (but in a nice way) and simply effective -- p. 66

You've got her number or email -- nice. This step ensures that you're dealing with someone with as much integrity as yourself. I had to learn this one the hard way -- p. 69

Women will simply not get intimate with you unless you establish trust and safety with them. Three methods for trust and two for safety to allow her to feel totally comfortable getting intimate with you -- p. 74

How beliefs control your behavior and set the limits of what you can accomplish. This one simple exercise will blow your mind away! -- p. 25

Making relationships last. Most other dating courses give you the problem, but don't tell you what to do with it once you have it. From studies of thousands of couples, here are the essentials for making a relationship last -- p. 89

How to stop wasting your energy and start paying attention to what really matters to bring you even greater success -- p. 28

And a whole lot more...

You'll Also Get These Additional Killer Bonuses

I'm absolutely committed to having you get the most out of this material and truly enrich your life. So when you find your own reasons to invest in the Tao of Dating™, you'll also get the following three bonuses that will strengthen and reinforce what you've learned:

"The Tao of Sexual Mastery: Essential Secrets of Phenomenal Sex to Put You Head and Shoulders Above the Other Guys and Keep Her Coming Back for More" eBooklet

Anything worth doing is worth doing well, and sex is certainly one of them. Whether you're a complete beginner or fairly experienced with the ladies, there's always room for improvement. Now there's a lot of information out there about sex, and frankly it can get a bit confusing. Where do you start? How dou you distinguish between what's important and what's less important? What techniques actually work?

In the e-booklet The Tao of Sexual Mastery, I summarize the content of dozens of books on sexuality into 22 pages of practical principles which you can learn and put to use immediately. Instead of burdening you with piles of detail to sift through, in this booklet I give you the basic principles of anatomy, physiology and technique that you can then expand upon and adapt to your own needs. Principles are even more useful than techniques, because they're like teaching you how to fish instead of giving you a single fish.

As a guy who knows a little bit about anatomy and physiology, I assure you that these principles and techniques are not only sound, but are amongst the best you can find anywhere. In fact, two of the techniques in the booklet -- one each from ancient China and India -- are guaranteed to drive a woman wild. And you have probably never heard about them elsewhere, regardless of how much you know about sex.

Here's what's in the The Tao of Sexual Mastery that will set you head and shoulders above all the other guys out there:

The only thing that every woman has in common is that she's different from every other woman -- especially in bed. Three principles I've developed to let you customize your technique to the specific woman you're with to have her experience ultimate pleasure every time -- a Tao of Dating ™ exclusive. Who said all that med school neurology wasn't useful? -- p. 3

The top 10 things women want in bed. The results of a survey of thousands of women that actually gives us useful information for a change. The items on the list (and the order of their importance) will surprise you (they certainly weren't what I expected) -- p. 7

Who said only women could have multiple orgasms? The secret of men's multiple orgasms has been around for millennia, but somehow people just don't seem to know about it. Maybe that's why it's called a secret. Master these three essential skills, and you'll never go back to 'normal' sex again (mainly because she won't let you) -- p. 19

Everybody talks about the G-spot, but nobody seems to agree on the basic story. I consulted a half-dozen sources to get the final word to you in plain and simple English -- what it is, where it is, the best way to find it, and the best way to stimulate it. This is the information that separates the men from the boys -- p. 12

Three simple ways to make The Feedback Principle work for you. Takes the guesswork out of what works and what doesn't once and for all! -- p. 5

The Kama Sutra has five bazillion positions listed with funny names like the cow, the mare and the crab. Who has time to go through all that? It all boils down to four basic positions. I'll tell you what they are and what each one is good for, and you can take all the credit for it -- p. 16

There is good foreplay, and there is great foreplay. And then, there is phenomenal foreplay. This technique from Tantra Yoga is bound to drive her absolutely wild. You will not find this anywhere else -- p. 10

Seven principles for better oral sex. She will thank you for them again... and again... and again -- p. 11

Everybody's heard about the G-spot, but even women don't know about the other spot that can bring 90% of women to orgasm. A fun little something to teach your woman about her own body -- p. 15

I've spent hundreds of hours reading whole shelves of books and researching the material for The Tao of Sexual Mastery to bring it to you in a highly concise, easy-to-read, easy-to-use format that you won't find elsewhere. For some of you, it may even be more life-changing than The Tao of Dating -- or it may be just the special sauce that makes everything fall into place for you. Either way, it's a $19.95 value all by itself.

"The Tao of Social Networking: How to Build a World-Class Network of Connections and Become a Social Maestro in Any City" eBooklet

One of the best ways to have a great dating life (and a great life in general) is to have an extensive social network. Over the years I've moved around a lot, and every time I've arrived in a new city, I've somehow managed to meet a lot of people and quickly establish a robust social network within a couple of weeks. I share my real-world experience in the booklet "The Tao of Social Networking: How to Build a World-Class Network of Connections and Become a Social Maestro in Any City." Whether you're new to town or just want to make your current network even bigger, The Tao of Social Networking will show you how.

In this second bonus e-booklet, you will learn:

--The four-step system for developing your world-class network. You'd be amazed at how many seasoned professionals neglect some (or all) of these steps. Follow these steps and put yourself way ahead of the herd -- p. 2

--How to own the bars and nightclubs in your town. You're going to go to them anyway, so might as well become the star customer that gets to skip the line, get free drinks and be chummy with the bartenders and bouncers. Six simple tips you can start using tonight -- p. 10

--How to take pictures to create an instant emotional bond -- and also meet anyone, anywhere. Like the two-hit technique, this one is 100% effective -- p. 9

--Remembering names and faces is a key factor in social success and an important life skill in its own right. Here are seven techniques which make it almost impossible for you to forget someone's name -- p. 8

--One of the key steps to becoming a social maestro is to throw good parties. Ten suggestions for theme parties that are fun and compelling and guarantee a great turnout -- p. 6

The Tao of Social Networking is another Tao of Dating exclusive, written by someone who's learned this material in the real world. It's a $24.95 value all by itself.

Bonus: Supercharge Your Beliefs with Mindtracks

The third bonus is The Belief Supercharger, the first of the Tao of Dating™ Mindtrack series and your introduction to Mindtrack technology. It has two modules: the Didactic Module repeats key concepts from The Tao of Dating ebook in a simple lesson format.

Your beliefs determine your destiny, and the Integrative Learning Module of the Belief Supercharger Mindtrack mp3 uses guided meditation and trance to reinforce the empowering new beliefs you've learned in the Didactic Module, giving you that boost to send you out in the real world with a supercharged attitude.

Listen to it right before you go out for the evening and notice how much more empowered you feel and how much better everything flows for you. It's the most popular of all the The Tao of Dating ™ products.

Some Tao of Dating customers have said that the Belief Supercharger Mindtrack has been the single most powerful part of The Tao of Dating ™ Home Study System for them:

"The mind tracks have helped me to unlock decades of negative self thinking. The fear of approaching attractive women has turned into a feeling of discovery and I feel more in control of my emotions." -- Pat D., London

Bonus: The NetworkTracker 2.2

Another bonus is the Tao of Dating ™ NetworkTracker 2.2. Once you start to implement the techniques in The Tao of Dating ™ and The Tao of Social Networking, it's essential that you keep track of all the new people you're meeting. Feedback is the ultimate tool for learning, and the NetworkTracker 2.2 does that for you. You won't find this software anywhere else.

One of the best ways to have a great dating life (and a great life in general) is to have an extensive social network. Over the years I've moved around a lot, and every time I've arrived in a new city, I've somehow managed to meet a lot of people and quickly establish a robust social network within a couple of weeks. I share my real-world experience in the booklet "The Tao of Social Networking: How to Build a World-Class Network of Connections and Become a Social Maestro in Any City." Whether you're new to town or just want to make your current network even bigger, The Tao of Social Networking will show you how.

Here's what the NetworkTracker 2.2 spreadsheet does for you:

--The great management guru Tom Peters once said that you can't improve what you can't measure. By keeping track of all the people that you meet, you can observe all your dating progress in one glance. You'll have a record of how often you're meeting people, what kind of places are best for meeting quality people, and what kind of results you're getting over time.

--No more fumbling for scraps of paper or wondering where you left that business card -- you'll have all the contact information for every person you meet all in one place. Extra features allow you to remember who was who, where you met them and what you talked about for future reference.

--Ever meet a great person, then get so busy that you just forget to follow up -- and then the connection goes cold? Well, that never has to happen again when you use the 'Custom Options' page to set up automatic alerts reminding you to follow up with your contacts in a timely manner.

--Remember that it's often some of the great guys that you meet in your outings that become your greatest long-term social assets. Girls come and go; the guys stick around. The NetworkTracker 2.2 keeps track of the men you meet so you remember that they're an essential part of your social network.

As a consultant to multibillion dollar companies, I was billed out at $2,000 a day to create custom software just like this. The NetworkTracker 2.2 -- a $39.95 value -- is yours free when you order The Tao of Dating ™.

Let's wrap this up

You get all of the following:

1. The Tao of Dating ™: The Thinking Man's Guide to Success with Women

2. "The Tao of Sexual Mastery: Essential Secrets of Phenomenal Sex to Put You Head and Shoulders Above the Other Guys and Keep Her Coming Back for More" -- a $19.95 value

3. "The Tao of Social Networking: How to Build a World-Class Network of Connections and Become a Social Maestro in Any City" -- a $24.95 value

4. The Tao of Dating ™ Belief Supercharger Mindtrack -- a $19.97 value

5. A bunch of bonuses I haven't even TOLD you about

All of this is worth over $300 in value.

And you'll be getting it all for only $19.95

That's the same price as two drinks you'd buy for yourself and a girl at a bar tonight, minus tip. Only one drink if you live in New York City or London.

That, my friend, is a Damn Good Deal.

And yet, you don't know me from Adam, so there may be a tiny smidgen of hesitation left. Maybe you're wondering, "How right is this investment for me? For 20 bucks, I could score a dozen doughnuts at Krispy Kreme." 

Now, keep in mind that until very recently, I used to sell this book for a lot more ($70 to be precise), and had thousands of customers. So I want this decision to be a total no-brainer for you. Let's think about it this way:

How much would a standard dinner-and-drinks date for two at a halfway-decent restaurant cost you?

I know in Los Angeles or San Francisco, it will run you at least $75, and in a city like New York it could cost upwards of $100. How many of those dates have you been on that went nowhere?

What if I told you that after reading my book, you would never have to go on one of those loser dates again? How much money would you save for the rest of your life?

What if you knew what to look for in a woman before going out with her on a date such that you would never waste your precious time and money on someone you would not be interested in?

What if this material really works, and it enabled you to meet one quality woman whose company you truly enjoy? What would that be worth to you? A hundred dollars? Thousands?

What if the techniques and principles in The Tao Of Dating™ opened the door to the possibility to find, meet and date multitudes of women just like that, such that you'd never have to worry about this part of your life again? What if there's just a 10% chance that, as a result of learning and applying the material in this book, you meet the woman of your dreams -- someone to love and cherish for a long, long time? Can a price be put on that?

What if the tips and techniques in the bonus book Tao of Sexual Mastery took your sex life to the next level, such that you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you could share an absolutely extraordinary experience with a woman every time you got together with her -- something that you know she couldn't find anywhere else? What would that do to your confidence and your enjoyment of life?

The fact is that you will continue to meet women every day of your life. Some of these women will be the kind that you would definitely want to meet. The question is: Will you have the skill set to capture that opportunity to meet and date that woman, or will you have to let that chance pass you by, letting her waltz out of your life like every other time in the past?

I have spent ten years researching and testing everything that is contained in this book. I have spent time with men who are exceptionally successful in their dating lives and modeled them. I have read dozens of books and hundreds of articles on psychiatry, neuroscience, psychology, evolution, philosophy and sexuality -- on top of all the textbooks I had to read to get my three degrees in medicine, business and biology from the University of California, Cambridge University and Harvard. I attended thousands of dollars worth of seminars in hypnosis, NLP and dating. I have brought together the BEST PRACTICES from all of these sources, applied rigorous testing to them -- and now present them to you in the form of a concise, practical handbook called The Tao of Dating™.

I only wish that someone had all of this done for me a decade ago-- I would have paid almost any amount for that! Twenty bucks would have been a tiny fraction of what I spent -- an absolute bargain however you think about it.

Listen: I could just as easily make this home study system a lot cheaper. But there's a reason that this sytem is priced like it is. There's a reason why I charge $500 an hour for a personal consultation, and thousands more for a weekend seminar.

I want this book to change your life.

Because I'm absolutely committed to helping you succeed, I want you to be committed to USE THIS MATERIAL TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE. I don't want this book to end up in the same heap of unopened books, unlistened-to tapes and unheeded advice. I want you to value this material and put in the time and effort to make it work for you.

A Mercedes-Benz costs more than a regular car, right? And there's good reason for it. They put the best available engineering and design into it, and on top of that add their own innovations that everyone else ends up copying. I've spent years researching this material and putting together the cutting edge of everything that's out there to bring you the Mercedes-Benz of all dating guides. You can go to the bookstore right now and spend twice as much money on books that won't contain half as much useful information as you'll find in The Tao of Dating™. Trust me -- I read them all. And cited them for you if they had any interesting ideas, so you won't ever have to worry about missing something important.

But you know what? You don't have to take my word for it. Here are what some of The Tao of Dating™ clients from all over the world have to say:

"First, let me say that the concept of the thinking man's guide to dating is simply the best thing since sliced bread. These other so-called "dating gurus" simply preach a lot of outer routines and rehearsed gimmicks to "get chicks". I'm looking for intelligent, powerful, sexy women that don't tend to frequent bars and clubs.On to the Mindtrack feedback... The whole concept of the Mindtrack is ingenious as I'm familiar with similar products from Richard Bandler. While good, his products are not aimed at women and dating. The irony is, that the mindtracks seem to make approaching anyone easier, not just women. Developing social and professional networks is almost not a challenge anymore. " -- Aaron N., Maryland, USA

"I've spent over a year studying various methods and the Tao of Dating is the most informed, structured and holistic method of them all! The text is elegant in its logic, devoid of psychobabble and will improve all your relationships.The mind tracks have helped me to unlock decades of negative self thinking. The fear of approaching attractive women has turned into a feeling of discovery and I feel more in control of my emotions. Get the Tao of Dating and also the mindtracks!"-- Pat D., London, UK

"The great thing about the Tao of Dating is that it focuses on creating a more complete and happier version of myself rather than giving me a whole bunch of pickup science mumbo jumbo."

-- Andy S., Oregon, USA

"I have really enjoyed the Tao of Dating and it has helped me meet new women and gain some confidence following my recent divorce. I have read the Tao a few times and find something new each time I do. I even use it for a reference now and then as a reminder on how to handle (or should have handled) a particular situation.. I just recently had a date with a gorgeous and personable lady a few years younger than myself, and had a great time. I followed the Tao on asking and what sort of date to set up. It worked great and I probably would not even have asked her if I had not read the Tao. Thanks for a great product." -- Dr Craig L., Missouri, USA

"I read the book and must comment that it's the best one that I've read from the so-called gurus as you've managed to adeptly fuse the spiritual with the more mundane pick-up artist techniques, explained in an enlightened form." -- R.C., Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"I downloaded The Tao of Dating immediately after hearing your interview. I love your approach of fixing the way that we think about ourselves and the changing our beliefs. I think the confidence that is realized after that is far more beneficial -not only in dating- than learning a pick-up line or special technique, which are often easy to see through. The Tao of Dating is much more than just a book on dating- I've seen benefits in almost every aspect of my life from it."-- Mark B., Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

"I thought I'd chime in and let you know a little of what your materials have done for me. First, a little background. I'd been single for the past 2 plus years after a painful end to a serious relationship... After hearing your interview I decided to spend my hard earned dollars one more time on your ebook and I have to say that, not only in terms of my dating life, but my life in general, it was one of the best investments I could've made. In terms of its impact on me, I'd have to put it up there with Wayne Dyer's The Power of Intention, Stuart Wilde's Silent Power, and Geoff Thompson's The Formula. All of these books had a profound and permanent impact on my view of the world and my place in it." --Matthew A., Illinois, USA

"Thanks for the incredible information from your course, e-books and teachings. I especially appreciate your philosophy of Taoism that translate into interacting with women (do by not doing, choose the path of least resistance, etc.). It certainly proves that Taoism can be applied to all aspects of life.

In particular, I believe that your courses attract the "thinking men" that are interested in improving this aspect of their lives. As such, it seems to speak to very successful, highly intelligent, Renaissance type of people." -- Gordon C., New York, NY

"I have had your program for a few months now and being a Chinese Medical practitioner and Taoist already, I find it very insightful and helpful. The expansion on quotes form the Tao Te Ching I find especially interesting.This stuff has definitely helped me with women-- before I had no women now I have options. Thanks heaps." --Darryl, New Zealand

One more thing: one of the overarching principles of Eastern philosophy is the power of "Now" (there's even a book by that very title). The fact is that nothing ever happens tomorrow -- things only happen RIGHT NOW. Tomorrow does not exist. So you may think that you'll get back to it later, but how likely is that?

Haven't you waited long enough? Can you afford not to get The Tao of Dating™?

If you're not where you want to be right now in your relationships because you've postponed taking care of that part of your life, why keep on doing it? Why postpone getting the keys to your fulfillment another day, when you can acquire them RIGHT NOW? That's why I have written this book in e-book format. No hunting around the bookstore. No waiting for a shipment to arrive. You can have this e-book on your desktop and start using it to change your life in a matter of minutes.

And RIGHT NOW could be a turning point for your whole life.

Wishing you success and fulfillment in all areas of your life,

Dr Ali B

P.S.: There is nothing in this e-book that is speculative or theoretical. Every technique and drill is proven and has worked hundreds of times for other readers -- and they will work for you, too. I've researched and tested this material for over 10 years and back them up with my three degrees. It comes with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee because I believe it's the best product out there to serve you in the long run. And if for some reason you're not fully satisfied, you don't pay. Simple as that.

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The Tao of Dating: The Thinking Man's Enlightened Guide to Success With Women

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